Maintenance Work

electrical maintenance

All buildings require regular maintenance and check-ups of their electrical systems. This is particularly important for the older homes. Old, faulty or improperly installed wiring and devices present a real risk to your family and can lead to electrocution and electrical fires. Residences built in the early 1970's may have been constructed using aluminum wiring. It is not compatible with most devices (recepticles & switches available at most home improvement centres). Aluminum wiring requires more maintenance for even mitigation to reduce the risk of fire, and should only be handled by professionals with adequate training and materials to do it correctly. Many facilities now require annual operating permits to ensure the safety of staff and occupants. Phase Electric can assist you in the facilitation of these permits and maintenance programs.


Old electrical systems can’t always handle the increasing demand of power. Nor is the wiring in these buildings up to today’s safety standards. At Phase Electric, the safety and the comfort of your family is our top priority. This is why we believe in preventive electrical programs that can avoid unexpected and potentially dangerous power failures that require costly repairs.